Berlin in five days, part II


Day three: Breakfast in Schwarze Pumpe. I have never had a five euro brunch in Europe before, have you? It was delicious! We walked through the makers market in Prenzlauer Berg, with many crafters and artists selling their jewelry, art, clothes and food products. For the first time ever, I also went to see the East Side Gallery. Impressive! And there is no visiting Berlin without the Tip, and I read it even though I don’t know German. Naturally the evening ended at a Christmas market.


Day four: Breakfast in Godot. Shopping in Flagshipstore, e.g. hand clip chain by Prodotyp. I wear it as a necklace or to keep my scarf in shape. In the afternoon we visited the Christmas market by Charlottenburg Palace. It was a little too fancy for my taste, but beautiful of course. If ever in Finland someone wanted to bake bread on a market square with a real, old-school oven, I’m sure some law would forbid it *sigh*. The evening ended with Kids of Adelaide in Crystal Club. Refreshing, happy music!


Day five: Enjoying the view from the ferris wheel on Alexa Christmas market. Saying good bye to Berlin with a few mugs of mulled wine and Nutella crepes. Did not know that you can actually BUY the one ring to rule them all (439€) and all those Harry Potter wands.

We had a wonderful time in Berlin, as always. The city is full of life, culture, good food, great laissez-faire attitude, and inspiration. One of my all-time favorite cities.

♥ In the meantime: Finland has a solar power farm. Tshihihi. I’m very much in favor of solar power, but in Finland? Where’s the sun?

♦ Song of the day: Michael Nyman, Time Lapse

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