Huuma magazine launched

Huuma magazine is out. We had the launching seminar on Friday 10 January at the elegant Savoy Theatre in Helsinki, partied till late in the night, and went to sleep with the magazine on our night stands. I’ve been involved in many printing processes before, but never quite felt this way about the final product. The magazine smells lovely, feels great to hold and wonderful to flick through. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read more here and here.

Our seminar team did such a great job with the launch. I might be a little subjective here, but Huuma seminar was perhaps the most inspiring, enthusiastic and empowering event I’ve ever participated in. In addition to great speakers on stage, we heard video greetings and got to enjoy burlesque, live music and of course a light dinner and drinks.

I almost can’t believe we did this. But we did!

Instead of writing what happened, I’ll just embed some tweets to show the magic.

Our editor-in-chief Aku explained what huumasta toimeen really means. It’s a Finnish wordplay from a saying tuumasta toimeen, translating freely to something like Just get on with it; start doing instead of thinking etc.

The Finnish Yoda of inspiration, ideas and encouragement Saku Tuominen shared the story of Sam Baker among others. The main lesson I learned: you can choose your attitude every day.

Maaretta Tukiainen talked about charisma. The main lesson I learned is in the Tweet. How simple!

Estève Pannetier taught us the magic of talking green. The main lesson I learned: most charismatic speakers focus on speaking green i.e. on us. And us listeners, we don’t even realize it. We’re just thinking they’re great speakers.

How many speakers manage to get a Finnish audience sing Material Girl from the top of their lungs? BOOM André Nöel Chaker, I salute thee for being so awesome! The main lesson I learned: being Finnish is a peculiar art-form that should be cherished. If you want to read more, check out André’s book The Finnish Miracle

In the spirit of Minute Mentoring, senior writer Tuija Seipell at The Coolhunter taught us to trust our gut feeling. The main lesson I learned: facts and logic can prove pretty much anything wrong. Here in Finland they often do, because we just loooooove our facts, logic and rational thinking. 

In addition to all these great speakers we got to enjoy Bettie Blackheart’s burlesque performance and Kitkerät Neitsyet performing live. Kitkerät Neitsyet translates to Bitter Virgins and they sing the hell out of life’s irony in cabaret style.

I loved every minute of the seminar and I know you would’ve wanted to be there, too. We may have worked all autumn to create Huuma magazine and this awesome launching seminar, and you might think we’re ready now. Call us crazy, but our gut feeling is this is just the beginning.

PS. We’ll publish photos from the seminar soon on our Huuma blog.

♠ In the meantime: In my recent blog posts you’ve heard me moan in pain because of the darkness, lack of snow and never-ending rain. Today’s the day, we got some snow. It might only be 2 cm, which barely covers the ground, but it’s white, it’s beautiful, and it reflects light. Darkness is a little less dark from now on. Four weeks till mid-February! Four weeks, and we have more daylight baby!

♥ Song of the day: White Lies, Goldmine

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