Upgrade old glass jars with electrical tape

I’ve wanted to combine electrical tape and DIY projects for a long time. Yes, may sound a little funny, but ever since I saw this fabulous wall decoration by Molla Mills, I’ve wanted to see what I could do with the tape. Of course, my plan was to start with something slightly less ambitious than an entire wall. Yesterday I finally remembered to buy some tape. It comes in many colors, which is great, but I chose black for this first project. I paid some 2.30€ for 10 meters of tape in my local hardware store.


And then I cleaned some pesto & pickled cucumbers glass jars and started playing. Most of the jars I had were the same size and I didn’t want to make them look identical.


The nice part of having no plan is that you’re free to do whatever you feel like. I’m not a big fan of detailed plans, so I thought I’ll just add few rounds of tape to each jar.


These might work wonderfully as storage jars, but I usually burn candles in old glass jars. So here we go. And may I point out that the light you see in the background is DAYLIGHT. Yes, we have some! After a long wait, the winter finally arrived to Southern Finland. Once the snow falls and stays on the ground, the absolute, complete, hideous darkness takes a step back.



I kinda like the shadows the tape creates. It’s particularly clear with those horizontal tape layers. Have you used electrical tape to any DIY projects? I need tips, what to tape next?

By the way, the daylight countdown is almost over! It has never felt this quick before. Excellent!

♥ In the meantime: I’ve spent quality time again with the BBC World Book Club. Somehow I find it hard to discuss literature myself but I simply love listening others do it while nodding vigorously. I will be very sad if they ever stop broadcasting this programme. 

♦ Song of the day: Kwabs, Last stand

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