DIY: 1980’s storage cupboard upgraded

So I live in an old(ish) house where some 1980’s gems still exist, like these old cupboards. You’ll find them in every other house in Finland, or so I believe anyway. These cupboards are in the room that I’ve decided to call the crochet room.

I’ve been sitting on the crochet room sofa for numerous hours looking at these cupboard doors and thinking something needs to be done. A colleague recommended plastering some fabric onto them, but I never got around doing that. Then I went shopping for black electrical tape and found some wallpaper as well.

kaappi1I had already taken off the door knobs when I realized maybe this might make a good blog post. Just imagine round, wooden door knobs exactly the same color as the doors. The doors really needed some upgrading.


I also bought wallpaper glue and black spray paint. The materials cost me perhaps 30 euros or so in my local hardware store. I’m sure these are not exactly the dream tools they recommend in wallpapering manuals, but whatta heck.

kaappi3I wanted a wallpaper which is relatively neutral and whitish, but not plain, it had to have a twist in it. I saw this grey, old wooden surface and fell for it, as it’s a little unusual, a little strange, and yet pretty neutral.


I spread the glue on the wallpaper with my fantastic kitchen sponge, let it soak for a minute or two, and then just hung the length on the cupboard. I did the trimming with sharp scissors and a carpet knife. See how the wooden brown color still shines from the sides? I wanted a little more contrast so I took out the electrical tape.


I added some of that black electrical tape to the sides, spray painted the door knobs shiny black and screwed them back in. The cupboard looks very different. I’m particularly happy with the black knobs and the black lining on the sides.

I think this was a nice project: my crochet room got a new look without too much effort and money. This was not the first time I work with wallpaper, but the first time I redo a cupboard with it and also the first time I use a patterned wallpaper. What is still under consideration is adding a layer of shiny lacquer on top of the wallpaper. Perhaps it would make the surface more durable.

♣ In the meantime: I would love a crochet hour in the middle of the day! Can we please test this with adults, too?

♠ Song of the day: Jetta, Feels like coming home

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