About time!

You know how lists are the greatest way to actually avoid writing coherent sentences? My plan today is to share a few lists with you. Why? Well, the countdown is over, we have reached the magical minimum dosage of daylight again, and I’m on fire. Thank you daylight! If you’ve never experienced the darkness, it might be hard to understand my excitement. Also, I’ve only recently recovered from the massive project hangover after launching Huuma magazine in January, hence the recent blog quietness.

But those lists. I wonder if this blog post is long enough for all the lists I want to share?

Firstly, some of my favorite Harvey Specter Tweets. This could be titled: things to learn. In order to see where this is coming from, you do need to get up to date on Suits, one of the most promising TV series I’ve seen in a couple of years. Remember that I’m prone to like the West Wing, Spooks and (both productions of) House of Cards and I don’t look down on fictional characters sending a few Tweets.

Boom. Harvey here nails it.

Secondly, I’ve recently seen two short films that manage to capture the essence of greatness. First, there are the Kenyans who’ve created a fabulous mocumentary on non-governmental organizations in development, The Samaritans. Loved it. Secondly, French Eléonore Pourriat created a short film called Oppressed Majority. Man, it’s brilliant in showing how inside-the-box we still think in relation to gender. It seems the film is already a few years old, but after having recently added English subtitles, the film went viral.

Thirdly, there’s something that has been on my mind for some time. I’ve noticed that there are quite a few songs titled F*** you. Now, what does this tell us? That people are upset and angry? Or that people have found a creative way of venting their frustrations? Perhaps Harvey has already compressed some wisdom about this into a Tweet:

I actually trust my gut, and I’ve been feeling like whistling these tunes lately. A lot. Here’s the list of cheerful, upbeat songs (with links) in case you’re interested:

  • Maria Mena, F*ck you (there’s a beautiful intro to this one)
  • Cee Loo Green, F*ck you (love the melody)
  • Lily Allen, F*ck you (check out the video on this one)

Fourthly, the final list: the list of all the things that I’m grateful for today. See? I do know how to keep it positive AND save the best to last.

  1. Tulip season is on. This week it’s red tulips, last week they were white and purple. Next week I’m thinking yellow.
  2. Donna Tartt and her latest novel, The Goldfinch. I’m only at the beginning, and I can’t get over how gripping the text already is. Some people just know how to do it. 
  3. Intuition. Has always guided me in the right direction and this spring will be no different.
  4. Networks. Such powerful things, they are. My favorite kind: community of practice.

♣ In the meantime: Finland tops press freedom index. Not trying to devalue this in any way, but sometimes I wish we could top an index on kindness, good behavior and manners, and just a generally positive outlook on things.

♠ Song of the day: Chvrches, The mother we share

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