Promises, projects and great thoughts


When there are tulips, the promise of spring has been given. Finland seems to be experiencing a very peculiar winter this season: first a never-ending November from October to the beginning of January, then proper winter with snow and cold weather for one month, and now right back to November, except that the daylight is increasing instead of diminishing. I can’t remember a February when the roads were clear of snow.

A newly starting year is always a good time to make promises, plan projects and think great thoughts.

Hence, I’m going to give you a promise. I will upgrade my old Nokia phone to a smart phone this year. It is bound to happen, as I can’t stand these low quality iPad images in this blog anymore. You deserve better!

I also have a project. It’s called changing the way I do things. I started it last year with changing my morning routines, and this year I’m going to continue. To what direction, I’m not entirely sure, but confident that I’ll find my way. The hardest thing might be recognizing the thing I need to change. I’m thinking it might not be the obvious like eat less chocolate, exercise more, or keep things organized around yourself. I have this curious feeling it might be something that I haven’t yet figured out.

Related to this, I asked for reading recommendations the other day, and whoa, my smart friends immediately listed many books that sound pretty interesting. Shame on me, as I haven’t heard of most of these books before, but then again, I haven’t really actively sought for this kind of reading either.

Here are the recommendations I was given, maybe you’ll find them helpful, too. Most of them are in English, those in Finnish I’ve listed at the end.

Did I get all the names right? Hope the links lead you in the right direction, if you’re interested. Now, what shall we read first? I’m thinking the Power of habit. What do you think?

As for thinking great thoughts, I will refer to this fine article from the Atlantic that I bumped into some days ago. It says that big breakthroughs come in our late 30’s (and because it is written, it must be true). I choose to blindly believe this claim as I’m conveniently in my late 30’s.

♥ In the meantime: To tackle today’s grey weather, I decided to heat the sauna after work. Relaxed for some 30 minutes in the warmth, and made myself a peppermint tea. Whatever thoughts I had on the sad grayness of the outside, are gone. Have you ever really got to know the sauna experience? I love the way this brief photo essay on Finnish sauna explains it.

♣ Song of the day: Procol Harum, a Salty Dog

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