Plan A


You know that feeling, when your dreams are slowly starting to shift towards reality? Perhaps ever so slightly, but still? That’s how I feel every time I start crocheting something. Here’s a doily rug in the making, a pattern called Asteri. It’s refreshing to follow a pattern every once in a while!

I recently read an interesting article on how crafting affects your brain. The effects are similar to meditation. I find this neuropsychological approach fascinating, and can really relate to it on a personal level. When I read the words “similar to meditation” I could not help but smile. It is true.

But a little more on dreams turning to reality. I’m now maybe halfway through The Happiness Project, and The Power of Habit is already waiting for me in the library. It is inspiring to read about other people’s aspirations, if only to remind yourself again and again that we are all more or less similar. We might approach things differently, but we all want the same thing: that our life goes according to plan A, whatever that may be to each and every one of us.

By the way, it’s thrilling to see that Virkkuri II by Molla Mills is already climbing high on the sales list, even though we still have to wait three more weeks for the book to be published. As I said in my previous post, once these books are translated to English, world domination can (and will) begin.

♥ In the meantime: There’s a lot of commotion going on in Finnish politics. Austerity measures were too much for the Left Alliance, who walked out of the government earlier this week. Serious spending cuts ahead.

♦ Song of the day: Bruce Springsteen, Dream baby dream

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