World Environment Day – my video

I’m taking part in the World Environment Day blogging contest again. As you may remember, last year we wrote traditional blog posts about sustainable consumption and food waste in particular, but this year it’s all about video blogging. The broad theme for #WED2014 is small islands and climate change.

If last year I worked on the blog posts for days and weeks, I have to admit the making of this video is more a question of hours. You know, the sweet panic of seeing the deadline approach and deciding to jump in? Somehow, I wasn’t planning on joining the contest, until 2pm today. With the empowering experience of creating and publishing a crowdfunded magazine in just a few months (with excellent, skilled people), I managed to trick myself into believing I can make a video blog post in just a few hours (alone).

Anyway, this contest is an excellent way to raise awareness for climate change, especially in light of the recent IPCC report. In fact, the whole idea for this video came from my previous blog post.

So, here’s my video about the rising sea level. Take a look! And if you like it, please share!

♣ In the meantime: Got habits you would like to change? Start by reading The Power of Habit. For me, it was a big revelation that you can’t actually get rid of your old habits. You can only develop new ones, which then take over the old ones. Brain magic!

♥ Song of the day: Future Islands, A Dream of You and Me

2 thoughts on “World Environment Day – my video

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