Doilies, stripes and triforce crochet

As I’m again starting a new crochet project, a striped and airy tunic for the summer, I can’t help but stop and think how versatile crochet is as a technique. There are so many things you can do, and none of them have to be granny squares, lacy curtains or bedspreads.

Take a look. First something quite traditional. This white doily has a rustic and romantic feel to it. There are a lot of arches, which create a lacy structure.

Then something a little more modern. A grey doily rug, which is less lacy and romantic. There are practically no arches, and to my eye, zero lacy structure.

Then a little triforce crochet and stripes with strong colours: bright yellow and black. I love both techniques, and absolutely adore bright colors. These are small purses, the striped one for coins and the triforce one big enough for cards, too.

I’ve been crocheting a lot lately. Now that I’m competing in UNEP’s World Environment Day blogging contest again, crocheting provides time to think what and how I would blog from the WED2014 celebrations, if I won the contest, AND create something new at the same time. It’s great.

♠ In the meantime: Today morning’s forest walk with the German Shepherd was perhaps the best spring morning I’ve seen this year. Birds chirping, sun shining, fresh air, and happy faces (the few that I saw). A good way to start your day.

♣ Song of the day: The Perishers, Pills


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