World Environment Day – made it to the top5

You may remember my post some weeks ago, where I showed you the video I made for UNEP’s video blogging contest for the World Environment Day? It seems the video made it to the TOP 5. Wow. I was pretty speechless when I heard the news.

But of course, I should have learned by now: just when you least expect something to happen, it is bound to happen. So here we are. Competing for the chance to cover World Environment Day celebrations in the beginning of June on a paradise island somewhere in the world (they haven’t announced the place yet, or at least I don’t know where the event will take place). This year the winner will be selected by actor and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Don Cheadle, and there will be no voting – contrary to last year, when I also participated.

Anyway, over the past couple of days I’ve been thinking of how to cover the event if I happened to win. How to create interesting video content which encourages people to think and act? How to share the experience of the “official” festivities so that people feel they were right there with you? How to avoid feeling grim despite the seriousness of the topic? How to approach the event: with a more personal take or focusing more on everything around you?

I’m not sure of any of the answers yet, but tell me, what would you like to see? Any good examples of video coverage from events? What usually annoys you in event coverage? Of course we’re still a long way away from winning, but perhaps a little brainstorm could work as a lesson for future event coverage (for me, anyway).

If you think my video has any potential, click like, leave a comment or share it with hashtags #WED2014 or #WorldEnvironmentDay. I’ll follow comments on YouTube and on my UNEP profile page – you can access the video via both links – and of course, you can also reach me on Twitter.

Exciting times!

♥ In the meantime: Happy to see progress in wind park projects in Finland.

♦ Song of the day: Rival Sons, Open My Eyes

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