Habits, revolutions and crochet

140504summer_top4I spent the entire day yesterday finishing my most recent crochet project, the striped summer top. It’s almost done! I’ll do a separate blog post about it later, but here you can see the pattern I’ve been following. It’s a combination of single, double and triple crochet. Lately, the weather in Finland has been rather cold and rainy, and we’ve also been treated to hail (yes, in May), so you can perhaps understand how tempting it is to just stay inside, enjoy crochet and watch interesting films.

Also, after the intense week of campaigning in the World Environment Day video blogging competition, I needed some time to just, well, sit down and crochet. By the way, we still don’t know who is the winner, and who gets to participate in the World Environment Day official celebrations, but I’m pretty sure we’ll hear it soon.

Maybe you remember my reading list, a few posts back? Well, I’ve now covered three books from the list. One of them impressed me, one I couldn’t find interesting enough to finish and one I mostly just flicked through. The one for keeps: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. The book was simply great. I really enjoyed the way it was structured, not only balancing many real-life examples with more theoretical bits to keep the 290 pages easily digestible, but also building a three-tier approach to change, starting from the individual and climbing higher to organizations and then societies. I experienced (at least) one epiphany while reading, and my hunch is, there will be more, once I dig deeper in my thoughts and start practicing the change of some of my habits. And if I ever write a book of non-fiction, I might consider using this exact same structure to build it. Impressed.

Yesterday while I was crocheting, I watched two documentaries: Burma VJ and The Square. The first one describes the 2007 revolution in Burma and the second one the more recent events of Egypt, starting from 2011. I came to the same conclusion I’ve reached so many times before: you can read all the news in the world to understand things better, but the stories will only come alive when you see and hear people tell the stories themselves. I’m so thankful to people who bring the world for the rest of us to see, as it’s so easy to get lost in your everyday life and forget there are people fighting for the things you take for granted.

To add some cool-factor, The Square was crowdfunded in KickStarter. Excellent! Tonight I’m going to watch The Lady to keep my thoughts in South-East Asia.

♣ In the meantime: The European Students Union has again gotten new leadership, as ESU’s board meeting elected a new presidency and the executive committee members this weekend. My favorite meetings of all time, those board meetings. No extra silver lining needed!

♥ Song of the day: Majestee of Sweden, Supergirl

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