Virkkuri II – another stylish Finnish book on crochet

Yesterday was a happy day. I finally got my copy of Virkkuri II, which was published some weeks ago. If you’re into crochet, you may remember the first Virkkuri book which I blogged about last year. I know many in the non-Finnish-speaking world are waiting for the translations, and as I’ve said so many times before, once they are done, world domination can and will begin.

So, lovers of modern crochet have now been treated to a new book by the talented Molla Mills. Virkkuri II focuses on shapes and surfaces, which you can already see from the cover. All the beautiful pictures in the book are by Saara Salmi, and the layout is by Oona Viskari.

Virkkuri2The book is full of creative, modern and graphic designs. There are e.g. bags, purses and buckets – and even a dotted rug. This time I believe it’s not so much about different products and techniques as it is about creating interesting, slightly more challenging patterns and playing with different colours. Of course the actual crochet patterns form the core of the book, but the beautiful photos, layout, choice of paper etc. are – to me at least – a major part of the experience. Not often do you see yoga stretches designed for crocheters, but Virkkuri II offers them too.

I really want to see Virkkuri books in international bookstores so that many others can also share the joy!

I was thinking of choosing my favorite pages, like I did with the first Virkkuri, but I simply can’t choose just one spread. So here we go. Three favorites. Firstly, the herb hanger. Simple and smart. Maybe it’s the green color that does the trick for me, maybe it’s the idea of recycling old hangers, or maybe both. I started smiling immediately when I saw this.



Then there’s the bucket. A bucket! It’s like small storage basket meets shopping bag, and ends up being more clearly shaped around the edges and looking über cool. The bucket stays in shape with the help of light metal rings both on the bottom and top. I want to go shopping with a bucket. What could I store in a bucket? I think my home needs a bucket.


And finally, the optical patterns. Love. I’ve done a lot of triforce crochet and diagonal stripes from the last book, so far only with two colors though, but now it’s time to go optical with three colors. These patterns are crochet’s answer to 3D-entertainment!

Virkkuri2_5So proud and excited to see cool things being done by cool Finns. Congratulations to Molla Mills and everyone involved in making the book! When Virkkuri goes global, I’ll be happy to say I told you so. There’s definitely a demand for modern, brave, and beautiful ways of using this traditional and versatile technique. How do I know it? Because my blog post on the first Virkkuri book has been by far The Most Popular Post Of All in this blog.

♣ In the meantime: Another awe-inspiring project I recently learned about is Finnish Mia Kankimäki taking a job alteration leave and heading off to Japan to research Sei Shonagon, a Japanese court lady who lived around year 1000. Naturally, Ms. Kankimäki did not really know Japanese or even have a clear plan on the what, how and when, but off she went, wrote a book about her experience, and now the rest of us can read and enjoy the adventure. Amazing.

♥ Song of the day: Wye Oak, Shriek

9 thoughts on “Virkkuri II – another stylish Finnish book on crochet

  1. I know nothing about crocheting but the first book and now this second one both look so beautiful. I feel like buying them and just looking at these nice items 😀

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  3. Hey Anh, so sorry for not answering sooner! I agree – it’s easy to get interested in crochet with these books even though you wouldn’t know the technique at all. And who doesn’t love a beautiful book? Thanks for stopping by!

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