Optical crochet purse

Here’s the first optical crochet pattern I’ve ever tried out. It’s from Virkkuri II, a crochet book by Molla Mills. As you may remember, counting stitches is not my forte, but I really wanted to see if I had the patience to work through this. Normally I watch movies or TV while crocheting, but this pattern required a lot of attention, as you crochet only to the front of the loop to make sure stitches align on top of each other perfectly. It took me a while to feel comfortable with the technique.

I haven’t yet finished all the details, but this is how the purse is going to look like: inner lining, leather handle and snap fasteners to close it.


The pattern is crocheted in spiral form, and there’s a slight change in the pattern when rows change. My choice of yarn was a mixture of different cotton yarns, I used bright white, turquoise and dark grey, as I had leftover yarn from another project. Hook size 3.



The work hasn’t been ironed yet, and you can easily see how the surface is a little wavy. There’s a little vertical flexibility in the pattern, but practically zero flexibility horizontally. All three yarns are crocheted into the work as you go along. If you look closely, you’ll see greens spots in the grey and white parts. I should have tugged them a little more.


When you look at the yarn balls, you may notice the white yarn is slightly more tightly spun than the rest. When you look at the edges, you’ll also see how the rows with green are a bit more loose than the rows with only grey and white.

Also, you may notice how the second full row of “blocks” from the top is a bit higher than the rest. I have no idea how I managed to mess up my row counting in the easiest part of the pattern, but there we have it, one row of blocks with extra height. However, it’s not a biggie, more like a personality trait.

Next, trying to finish this with the inner lining, leather handle and snap fasteners. Let’s see how long the finishing touches take. It’s so easy to just crochet, and I’m often tempted to start another project before really finishing the previous one.

By the way, I got to meet my crochet idol Molla Mills some time ago, when I was interviewing her for the Huuma online magazine (link in FIN). We have continued publishing Huuma-related articles online after the publication of the paper magazine in January.

♠ In the meantime: RIP Maya Angelou. I promise to enjoy your wisdom in life, and I wish I could say “fine as wine in the summertime” about myself every day.

♣ Song of the day: Zara McFarlane, Open Heart

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