Bikini revolution – Monokini 2.0 needs your support


Yesterday was a great day. I got to meet the fantastic Monokini 2.0 team with some of my Huuma colleagues. We were so impressed with the work of Nutty Tarts and the rest of the people involved in the Monokini 2.0 project that we wanted to see if there was any room for cooperation. There is!

Have you already heard of their project? Monokini 2.0 creates super cool swimsuits for women who have only one breast. It’s a community art project exploring the narrow ideas of our culture concerning women’s ideal looks. The first round of the project included ten fabulous swimwear designs, brave volunteer models who have gone through mastectomy, and a wonderful photo exhibition which is currently open in Helsinki.

The second round is even more interesting: they are now looking for crowdfunding in Kickstarter in order to create a collection of three swimsuits for people to actually buy. I’m sure there are loads of women out there who feel they can’t go to the beach or swimming halls because they don’t have a swimsuit that fits their body. Now is your chance. Go to Kickstarter and support them!

Their work has received phenomenal global visibility with e.g. Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation just to name a few. The news item on The Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE’s website ended up getting more than 800 000 reads, which in Finland is simply huge. If I understood it right, 800 000 is more views than any piece of news has ever received on the YLE website. Boom!

It’s always interesting to bump into Finnish people doing cool stuff. My guess is the ladies are not aware of how smoothly their project falls into the Finnish country brand: we are good at pragmatic problem-solving and this is such an elegant example of it.

I supported the project already, and I really recommend you go and check it out as well. The ladies have put their heart into the work, and it shows.

Photo by @alannainen, swimsuit photos by Pinja Valja

♥ In the meantime: 25 years since the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy demonstrations. Much has changed since then, but many voices are still silenced today.

♠ Song of the day: Aerosmith, Dream on

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