Crochet summer top in the making

140504summer_top4I’ve worked on a crochet summer top for a while now. It’s practically ready, but I can’t seem to figure out a good way do the finishing touches to the sleeves, so I can’t quite yet show the final product. I’m almost finished with all the millions of yarn ends as this was not crocheted in spiral form. So many changes of color!

But here are some bits from the making of. I found a Novita pattern online and liked the airiness of the stripes. Other than the pattern structure I did not really follow the pattern i.e. stitch count. The yarn here is exactly the same as in the optical purse I made, but I used a slightly larger hook in this one.

140504summer_top7The pattern is a mixture of double and triple crochet and chain stitches, really, with an odd row of single crochet here and there. It took me a while to figure out which color I’d like to the neckline, but then I ended up with white. It’s summerish and light. On the bottom I’m finishing with grey. It somehow looked like the best option.

140504summer_top2I crocheted the whole thing in one piece, but not in spiral form. I’m not particularly fond of stitching pieces together, so if there’s a way to avoid that, I’ll usually use it. To avoid extra stitching on the top of the piece I just added some chain stitches to create the neckline, then added one extra row of single crochet to find the right direction to start a new white stripe from.


If you look closely at the picture below you’ll see the tiny mistake I made. Can you see it? The green stripe in the middle is crocheted “upside down”. I got my stitches right, just in the wrong order. Oh well, I’ve decided that this row tells me how to wear the top: which side to the front and which to the back.

140504summer_top5Even though I don’t crochet so much to finish the products than I do for the joy of creating something, I’m interested in this top. Will I wear it? Will it be one of my favorite crochet tops or will I hide it in the closet? Can’t wait to find a way to finish the sleeves so that I can see what happens. Maybe I should wear it with a white tank top and a grey skirt?

♣ In the meantime: My personal happiness project is taking major steps forward in the coming weeks. During the past spring, I recognized some things in my life that needed changing, and now the change is very real and very much happening. You’ll hear all about it later on a separate blog post!

♥ Song of the day: Beirut, Prenzlauer Berg

4 thoughts on “Crochet summer top in the making

  1. I love this! Those colors and the yarn look amazing. You are a really great designer. I just got through admiring your loose, airy gray top! You do a fabulous job. Seems like your style (the stitching) is very similar to the way I prefer my crochet tops, too! I done a tank top that has a somewhat similar look to this top you have. I can see I’m going to be a huge fan of your blog. I would love to see your finished blouse here. I hope it did end up being one of your favorites! It’d be a shame to hide that cutie away in a closet. 😉

    • Hi there! Thanks for stopping by, and for the many kind words! Wow! I often see wonderful patterns designed by others, and then just improvise and tweak them into smth I like even more. The striped top is ready, but I’ve been too l-a-z-y to photograph it. But I promise, pics are coming!

  2. Great crotchet love the colours and the way you done it one piece that is my kind of top . Regards Linda

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