Sabbatical year ahead

IMG_0047In my last blog post I mentioned that my personal happiness project is moving ahead. Well, it really is. I’m taking a year-long job alternation leave from work and moving to Berlin, my favorite city of all. I almost can’t believe it’s all happening. It’s exciting, frightening, and wonderful at the same time!

Have you ever heard of a job alternation leave? It’s like a paid holiday, to put it simple. I get to take a long leave, will get a compensation from the unemployment fund I belong to, and an unemployed person will be given a job by my employer. My employer is incredibly flexible in allowing me to take a year off. The more I think about the system though, the funnier it feels. I mean really, a paid holiday, for a year? But of course from a personal point of view I’m incredibly happy and thankful for the opportunity.

Summer holidays have already started, and the picture above is what my first day off from work looked like. I went to the yarn store with Virkkuri II crochet book and chose some yarn to start the holidays. Imagine, yarn store in the middle of the day! Bliss!

I’m hoping to crochet a lot during the sabbatical. Where will I find crochet enthusiasts in Berlin and what could we do together? Besides crocheting, what else should I do? I’m planning to ride my bike, enjoy culture, write, blog, read, run, dance, live and love. That’s my plan.

And, look at the photo – it’s taken with my new iPhone (which I’ve loved from the second I opened the box). We can now say goodbye to all the crappy iPad photos I’ve been posting here for two years. Bye bye!

♣ In the meantime: Sad news today from the Legal Committee of our Parliament. Looking forward to the plenary voting in the autumn. Finland is the only Nordic country not to have introduced a gender-neutral marriage law.

♥ Song of the day: Duck Sauce, NRG

3 thoughts on “Sabbatical year ahead

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