Hometown traveling

Have you ever seen Helsinki from the sea? It never seizes to amaze me how different everything looks like. It’s so easy to forget the beauty of your everyday surroundings.

We took a boat ride to Harmaja light house, stopped briefly in Vasikkasaari to admire the old, rusty water tower, and finally parked the boat near Tervasaari to enjoy a nice summer dinner. Despite the cold weather and lack of sunshine, the evening was great. I guess we’re so used to bad weather that we were just happy it wasn’t raining.

As you can see, I’m very excited about the new iPhone. Many photos, many filters, and all kinds of tricks will be tested in this blog from now on. It is pretty interesting to see each of these photos individually and then in a gallery together. My favorite is the one on the Harmaja lighthouse. The photo looks so calm and so peaceful, but in reality our boat was jumping up and down on waves like crazy when we passed the island. I was lucky to get the lighthouse in the picture at all!

In the meantime: Happy to hear the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is doing so well. I remember blogging about the opening and not being able to keep it in just one blog post, but instead had to make two. Well done Haltia, and keep up the good work!

Song of the day: Ed Sheeran, One

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