Optical crochet purse – ready

You remember the optical crochet purse from some weeks back? The fab pattern by Molla Mills, from the book Virkkuri II?

I was so eager to share pictures of the crochet pattern that I just blogged away even though I hadn’t really finished making the actual purse. Well, I was happy to finish all the detailing some time ago and here, finally, are pictures of the final product.

The lighting is very different between the first and the rest of the pics, sorry!


I used an old belt, some snap fasteners and a little bit of simple black bias tape. The old leather belt makes for a fine handle. I just cut it to suitable length with normal scissors and made two extra holes with a leather hole punch tool.

IMG_0153Three pairs of snap fasteners: one in the middle to close the purse (pic above), and two on the sides, but on the inside of the purse (pic below). This way the purse stays firmly closed all the time.

IMG_0154And here it is, looking fab. I really like the way it turned out, even though the white yarn I used was a little bit thinner than the dark grey and green one.


I already have the yarn for another optical crochet purse, namely this one, this time all same brand and thickness. Let’s see how that turns out when I start working on it!

♠ In the meantime: Did you notice that I’ve started another blog, to document my sabbatical year in Berlin? My year off from routines will include a lot of crochet, or that’s the plan anyway. Who knows what the year will bring? If you happen to be a Finnish-speaker, check out the interview that was made to Huuma online magazine about my year off from everything (link in FIN).

♥ Song of the day: Interpol, No I in Threesome

4 thoughts on “Optical crochet purse – ready

    • Thank you! So glad you like it 🙂 Btw, other Molla Mills patterns are now available in English, as her book Modern crochet was recently published. Check it out, available e.g. in Amazon.

  1. Hi! Looks great! Which stitch did you use? All my tapestry crochet is slanted’ yours look very stright!

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