Long time, lots of crochet, nothing ready

This autumn seems to be a time for random crochet, as I’m starting new projects here and there and never getting to finish the ones I started before. Sigh. Sometimes there’s just all this new yarn that you need to start testing. Here are some of the things I’ve been working these past weeks (months?). Naturally, there are a couple of purses in process as well.

The brown jumper/top has been very tricky to make. As always, I set out ambitiously without a clear plan, confident that I’ll find solutions on the way. There seemed to be no problems at all until I started working on the sleeves. Pheew! After a few rounds of trial and error, it seems I’ve finally found a solution. Butterfly sleeves! Might be just perfect, adding volume to the otherwise simple top and balancing the straight lines of the boat neck.

The grey top is something I started as a scarf (yes, that double crochet part there on the bottom of the pic), but ended up changing along the way. I really wanted to test the thin yarn with a new technique. I watched some inspiration from various projects done with the Solomon’s knot and started working. However, my stitch is not the Solomon’s knot, it’s just something similar. Interesting to work on something so airy: I noticed that the actual crocheting is much slower for me this way.

Even while I’m writing this, I’m dreaming of light woolen yarn which would make a slouchy beanie hat and a long, airy, lacy scarf. Maybe in grey? Light grey? But must not yield. Must finish these first.

By the way, if you’re wondering why I’m not posting so often here anymore, take a look at In Berlin – My sabbatical year in pictures, where I’m documenting this wonderful year of surprises that is keeping me busy.

♦ In the meantime: I read an article on assuming and actually knowing on the Guardian the other day and can’t stop thinking that this type of data is fantastic. Well done! I would like to see more data presented in this way! Please bring forward all the difficult and/or sensitive topics on the planet and let’s start measuring the levels of assumption and facts.

♥ Song of the day: Kasabian, ee-zeh

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